Tobacco and Recovery

People recovering from drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are more likely to be successful if they do not smoke cigarettes. In an article recently, found at, the study leader Renee Goodwin stated “the thinking in clinical settings has been that asking patients to quit cigarette smoking while they try to stop using drugs is ‘too difficult’ or that smoking may be helpful in remaining abstinent from alcohol and drugs, but it is not related whether or not one remains abstinent from illicit drug use over the long term.”


If you are new to recovery, or are even in long term recovery, and are ready to get help quitting tobacco, have no fear – there are PLENTY of FREE quit tobacco resources ….

In the picture below, please note Smoke Free TXT, PA Quitline and the Wellness Connection which are all TOTALLY free, and wonderful as they can be used from your phone – great for the busy person, or someone who lives too far from any LGH or Ephrata Wellspan program (click the links below for their class information!)


WECH Tobacco 2017

spring 2017

If you currently work in a treatment facility or recovery setting where tobacco use is still permitted, and you’re interested in learning more about how to help your fellow coworkers and/or patients quit tobacco, don’t hesitate to contact the Tobacco Free Coalition of Lancaster County at 717-544-3223!

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