Sherbet Skies

“Sherbet Skies” 

~ by Matthew Toth


Oh please let me open my eyes, 

let me embrace the beauty 

of these sherbet skies

I’m chained and battered, 

all I know is cries, 

I try to speak truth but out comes lies, 

In prison behind bars, cold wet, 

no windows, no stars,

Dark skies, I wish the pain would end, 

I pray I never again open my eyes, 

I guess I’ll never witness the beautiful sherbet skies, 

Others speak of these wondrous things, why can’t I see them, where do I begin, Each day I wake I swear to heaven, 

that today I change, but I always give in, This endless pattern, this vicious cycle, today will be different, but first…

one more high, tomorrow I will begin. 

Oh my god, I did it again, 

I promised myself the time would end. 

I’m a slave to my drugs, they own me now, My inner demons are on the prowl. 

The sherbet skies I hear are gorgeous, 

but I hide from sun because its tortuous. 

I hide from love because I can’t, 

I hide from life because because I welcome death. 

Maybe if I took my life, 

maybe if I would just die, 

maybe heaven holds sherbet skies. 

I wake up again, all I know is pain, inside it’s storming, all around is rain. 

Please god help me! Hear my cries, 

please just show me these sherbet skies. 

I need your help, I need separation, 

then one day came desperation. 

A gift from god, a new awaken, 

a chance at life, a new beginning. 

I woke one day in pain and agony, 

I cried to God, brought to my knees. 

I begged for help, show me a sign! 

Please break the chains, 

let me regain what’s mine. 

A journey started with more pain and cries, 

and then one morning came sherbet skies. Today I welcome life, I face my pain, 

and day by day my suffering drains. 

I am a survivor, I am returning to self, finding that happiness does not lie in wealth. 

Today I wake and open my eyes, 

filed with compassion, 

I can hear your cries. 

Walk with me friend, 

please just try,

and let’s both enjoy the sherbet skies…



Written by Matt Toth; shared at LCRA Art Walk Event 2017 – Downtown Lancaster city

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