Power of choice…..

Today, I was having a conversation with one of our amazing LCRA members who is rocking his own recovery! I received permission to share a quote that he had shared with me…which is one that he shared with a friend who is struggling. It really hit home for me, and so I felt the need to share a short, but poignant blog on this first day of Daylights Savings Time in good ol’ Lancaster County (Where it’s still very bright out at 7pm!!) We have a lot of exciting things going on this spring and fall, and now entering Daylight Savings just makes me that much more excited to be part of Lancaster County Recovery Alliance!!  Wait till Lancaster County is “hit” with what is coming — Art Walk in May & Recovery Day in September……

“Addiction/alcoholism is truly baffling. It’s the only disease that we keep fighting harder and harder only to knowingly endure more and more massive amounts of pain and struggle. Then one day, if we are lucky, we wake and realize ‘enough is enough’ and we finally surrender to win. Throw in the towel, give up!! You win drugs and alcohol! You kicked my ass! Today, I submit to drugs and alcohol. But I never forget the power it has over me. That if I choose to get back in the ring again, (which is always an option), I will get my ass handed to me once more. Today, we have the power of choice though. We can choose not to get back in the ring.” – Matt Toth

I think what continues to truly amaze me for those in recovery is exactly as Matt stated – “we have the power of choice – we can choose not to get back in the ring.” Every day can be a fight to maintain one’s recovery.  But every day, 23.5 million Americans, fight the good fight, and choose not go to get back in the ring. If you’re one of those – please know we are rooting for you; if you’re a loved one of a family member/friend in recovery, cherish these moments with your loved one and tell them how awesome they are; if you still have someone in your life struggling with abuse and addiction – don’t give up – because one of our favorite sayings in Lancaster County….


and as Matt (person in recovery and huge voice for recovery advocacy) would fondly end a message – “Rock on!”



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  • Lori Casanova Posted March 13, 2017 12:04 am

    What a wonderful, hopeful message!! Thank you so much for sharing this!! Rock on <3

    • Katherine Posted March 13, 2017 1:46 am

      Thank you Lori! #thereisHope #RecoveryISPossible!

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