F.L.Y. . .

If you want to soar in life … you must first learn to F.L.Y. (first love yourself…) – Mark Sterling


This post will be short and sweet. but very important….

Often, around Valentine’s (a popularly Hallmark holiday :-)), we think about love in our life. I want to remind you that THE most important love — is yourself. I read some blogs about self-love in early recovery, and especially the pressure about having a relationship, or finding a special date on Valentine’s. Forget about that!

Make sure you take the time to love yourself. Around Valentine’s – and every day.


Eliminate Self Criticism

Be Kind & Positive – TO YOU.

Acknowledge your effort.

Let go of worry.

Trust yourself.

FORGIVE yourself.

Be truthful to you.

Make positive affirmation.


Learn to see BEAUTY in yourself.

Have fun. Laugh!

Express gratitude.

Be patient. You may be learning new things.

Seek goodness. Be goodness.


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