The Lancaster County Recovery Alliance (LCRA, also known as “The Alliance”) is a grassroots coalition that began in May 2015. The Lancaster County Recovery Alliance is a group of community members whose purpose is to explore and develop solutions to issues caused by addiction.

Members include people in recovery, friends and family members, service providers, legal/law enforcement, church/faith-based organizations, corrections, the business community and other allies.


Our mission is to encourage a recovering lifestyle within the community at large for those affected by addiction through Awareness, Advocacy and Access.


Email us or come to our monthly meeting!
They are the 2nd Thursday of each month and alternate each month between morning and evening hours.
Morning meetings in 2017 – September 14th, November 9th – 9:00 to 10:30 am
Evening meetings in 2017 – August 10th, October 12th, December 14th – 5:30 to 6:30 pm


Members are encouraged and expected to actively participate in the activities of LCRA and assist in developing and supporting the activities of the alliance’s agenda. Active participation is defined as work that promotes and facilitates fulfilling the purposes of LCRA including, but not limited to, serving on standing or special committees/workgroups, donating time, materials, personnel, etc., and supporting the efforts of committees and workgroups.



Regular meetings of the steering committee shall be held on a monthly or as needed basis. To be eligible for office a candidate must be a voting member of LCRA.

The Steering Committee is an advisory group of members who are responsible for providing guidance on overall strategic direction and key issues of the Alliance, such as:

  • developing and revising policy and procedures,
  • ensuring budgetary control, both programmatically and fiscally,
  • developing a media and marketing strategy,
  • creating procedures for resource allocation and sustainability,
  • making decisions involving large expenditures,
  • establishing and maintain organizational structure,
  • monitoring committee activities,
  • developing meeting agendas and presentations,
  • spreading the strategic input and buy-in to a larger portion of LCRA and the community,
  • ensuring legal and ethical standards and maintaining accountability.

Chairperson: The monthly meetings shall be conducted by the president who will be responsible for providing an agenda. The chairperson shall not vote except in cases of tie. The chairperson shall also be an ex-officiary member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.

Vice Chairperson: The vice chairperson will have the responsibilities of chairing whenever the president is not present, as well as to assist in running the meeting. The vice chairperson will also assist in other responsibilities of the chairperson

Secretary: The secretary will be responsible for taking and distributing minutes of each meeting prior to the next meeting. The secretary also is responsible for gathering and providing information, including the minutes, to be distributed to all members. This position may be shared.

Treasurer: The treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of any monies that are generated by LCRA, and making a financial report at each monthly membership meeting. The monies shall be maintained in a bank account. Up to three steering committee members shall be authorized to make withdrawals and deposits. Primary responsibility lies with the treasurer. In the absence of both the chairperson and the vice chairperson, the treasurer shall conduct the meetings.

Immediate Past Chairperson: This individual performs duties and provides advice as is from time to time requested by the steering committee.
each officer


Responsible for updating Basecamp, Instagram, Facebook and promotion of LCRA efforts, events, and other recovery news in and around Lancaster County


  • Nomination Committee
    • Made up of a chairman and two other LCRA members not on the steering committee, will be formed in the month of March to produce a slate of candidates. Candidates will be active members of LCRA for a minimum of six months. With 4
    • Prior consent from the nominated individuals, nominees shall be announced at the April meeting. Elections will be conducted by ballot at the May Annual Meeting. New officers will assume responsibility on July 1.
  • Recovery Day Planning Committee
    • Responsible for planning the annual September Recovery Day events
  • Other Ad Hoc Committees
    • These committees shall be formed and dissolved by membership present during monthly meeting on an as needed basis and may be time/duty limited or of an indefinite duration.